Transforming speaker events for sustained community momentum

  • A Diverse Collective of Thought Leaders in the DEIJB Space
  • Strategic Event Coaching
  • Minimization of Harm to Marginalized Identities 
  • Strategies for Sustained Impact
  • High Quality Event Collateral
  • WOC owned business

We teach and learn with love and with an eye, always, towards justice.

One-and-done speaker events do more harm than good.

  • Participants feel energized but see no institutional follow-up, so momentum stalls
  • Lack of community buy-in leads to resistance – one step forward, two steps back
  • Organizers burn out from lack of support
  • Marginalized community members carry the burden of educating their peers

Set your community up for success instead.

  • Learn to build community buy-in
  • Analyze your environment for roadblocks to change
  • Plan for impact and momentum long after the event is done

Speakers and Trainers who inspire action.

Your comadre is someone you trust to keep you honest with yourself. These comadres have honed their stories and their expertise to bring your community an incredible opportunity – to live your values of equity and justice day after day.

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Cynthia Pesantez coaches communities to work collaboratively in building the kind of cross-identity, cross-institutional, cross-sector relationships that embed, sustain, and nurture deep, transformational change. She brings to her work her lens as a multiracial Dominicana, a parent, and a learner and teacher of language.

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