Speakers who inspire sustained action for justice

Debby Irving

“I believe the most loving thing a person, or a group of people, can do for another is to examine the ways in which their own insecurities and assumptions interfere with others’ ability to thrive.”


  • White racial identity development
  • Conversation skill building
  • Cross-racial friendship
  • Historical & institutional barriers to equity
Shay Stewart-Bouley

“Change happens at the speed of trust.”


  • Nonprofit life
  • Cross-racial friendship
  • Personal accountability in anti-racist work
Cindu Thomas-George

“Equity is not a substitute for excellence.”


  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Disrupting anti-Blackness and white supremacy in communities of color
  • Intercultural intelligence
Teaching While White

“What keeps us up at night is that we are successfully raising the next generation of white people who can’t talk about race.”


  • PreK-20 education
  • Parent education
  • Teacher Professional Development, Assessment, & Growth
  • Antiracist Leadership
Jacqueline Battalora

“Quote from Jackie”


  • Connecting history to today’s issues
  • US law and policy
  • Guilt as a gendered practice
Natarsha Prince Sanders

“The expectation is not that you come in perfect. It’s that you come in and stay in.”


  • Faith communities
  • Adolescents
  • Mental health and self-care
Rebecca Flores Harper

“In the world of education, I support educators to achieve their goals related to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging.”


  • Education + Teaching & Learning
  • Organizational Change & Professional Development
  • Inclusion & Belonging in the Arts and Sports
Dante King

“Liberation through education equals power.”


  • Systemic & Interpersonal Anti-Blackness
  • Anti-Racism Leadership
  • Health Equity Practices


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