Freedom to Learn Summer 2023, a virtual conference. This image shows the speakers: Loretta Ross, Robin DiAngelo, Lyla June Johnston, Elizabeth Denevi, Janna Chandler-Ward, Natalie Thoreson, Jacqueline Battalora, Cynthia Pesantez, Natarsha Prince Sanders, and Debby Irving

Freedom To Learn Summer is a 3-day virtual conference. It provides an opportunity to hear from internationally renowned speakers/trainers about racial understanding that is foundational for the 21st Century in order to competently address the challenges of our time. Through small group processing sessions each day of the conference, participants are supported in making sense of the information and in making it relevant to their own lives.

Freedom to Learn Summer takes inspiration from the Civil Rights Movement when those concerned with practices in the south that denied Blacks access to voting, went in 1964 to targeted areas of the south to support Black voter registration. Today more than a dozen state legislatures passed laws that deny their public school and some universities students the right to learn truthful history if it may cause one to feel guilt because of race; and many of the laws deny teachers and others access to training to improve cultural and racial competencies. 

Freedom To Learn Summer began in 2022. It is an education experience with the goal of ensuring that those seeking social justice at work, school, and in communities receive support for that development. We must all be equipped for the most global workforce of any preceding generation, in part, by having an understanding of the role of race in our lives, our histories, and our future and by supporting the development of cultural and racial competencies. Hope to see you there.

July 1312-3:30pm ET / 11am-2:30pm CT
10am-1:30pm MT / 9am-12:30pm PT
1st PresentationJyla June Johnston
Interview by Natalie Thoreson
2nd PresentationJacqueline Battalora
Processing90-Minute Processing Sessions
July 1412-3:30pm ET / 11am-2:30pm CT
10am-1:30pm MT / 9am-12:30pm PT
1st PresentationLoretta Ross & Robin DiAngelo
2nd PresentationComadre Speakers Collaborative
Panel Discussion
Processing90-Minute Processing Sessions
July 1512-3:30pm ET / 11am-2:30pm CT
10am-1:30pm MT / 9am-12:30pm PT
1st PresentationTeaching While White – Jenna
Chandler-Ward & Elizabeth Denevi
2nd PresentationNatalie Thoreson
Processing90-Minute Processing Sessions