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High Impact Engagements

Below are links to help you think through how you might organize a high impact engagement around Debby’s visit, as well as links to help bring on board those in your community who may not yet be familiar with Debby’s work.

1) See these Engagement Tips to learn how other hosts have leveraged Debby’s visit for community impact.

2) To familiarize co-planners and supporters with Debby’s work, consider sharing her Press ReleaseTED Talk, or website.

3) If you’re considering purchasing books, please know that hosts receive a special price of $10 per book. See here to order books in bulk​.

4) To set hosts up for success, Debby designs her engagements based on their specific needs. To see some of the building blocks she tends to use, check out Keynotes and Workshops. Please note: this is not a menu. Debby’s process is highly personalized.

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