Beloved Community

I’ve experienced both Shay’s one-day event, Tell Me the Truth: Exploring the Heart of Cross-Racial Conversation, and recently, her pilot of the 5 – week Beloved Community, an intimate online community of about fifteen folks. Beloved Community, for me was true to Shay’s intention to build community and really dig in deeper than just talking or reading about race and racism. With Shay, who led with honesty, directness, care, and a sense of humor, our small group had the chance to share what we were working on in our personal lives in regards to anti-racism work, reflect honestly, and be held accountable for doing the work, and for thinking of this as something that is a lifelong, sustained process and journey. I loved that Shay assigned us a “buddy” from the group. As buddies, we met apart from the group to share more about our goals and challenges with anti-racism work, giving us even more of an opportunity to give and get support and feedback. I look forward to continuing to build with Shay and the Beloved Community

Wendy Grossman

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